Sunday 22 March 2020

Grow your own on your window sill

Over the years we have grown  some of our own food in our window sills. We  grew some cress and bean sprouts. (we used mung beans, dried green peas, chickpeas) from the corner shop.  Sunflower seeds  and shop bought veg.

 This lady has a lovely video on how she makes her sprouts, I feel she uses too much for our needs, but the principle is good.

As this does not involve any soil, I wonder if it might be an idea now, as many of us cannot go out?
There are some exceptions where soil is concerned, but most can be grown without soil.
A lovely activity to do with the children too.

Last week I bought some leeks and only chopped the top  of the leeks for a vegetable soup and then put them in water to continue to grow. Nice for in stir fries the coming week. The same can be done with spring onions, little gem lettuces, celery to name but a few.
 Amazing how much it has grown in one day.

We planted the cress on paper too but the sunflower seeds were left soaking in a jar of water.

Asako sowing seeds in cream cheese boxes lined with kitchen paper
The Sunflower shoots and pea shoots that we sowed 2 weeks ago are ready for harvesting so we will make a Sunflower shoot salad . The lemon vinegrette was delicious, a bit too much, so we kept the other half for another day.
sunflower (left) and pea shoots (right)
Sayaka harvesting the first sunflower shoots
Cortney harvesting the pea shoots

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