Wednesday, 14 March 2018

First Wednesday from Spade to Plate: Beetroot soup and fresh bread

Today was the first day that I introduced a Wednesday cooking event.
The weather was lovely so we walked to the allotment to dig up the last of the beetroot.
This variety was not the deep red one but the more orange coloured one.

We turned it into Beetroot soup which we had for our lunch with some freshly made bread.

In this case we made a batch of bread dough:

300 gr  organic white strong flour
300 gr organic whole meal strong flour
7gr (one sachet) of dried yeast and a pinch of sugar
12 gr sea salt
mix of of seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds)

Mix all together, knead and let it rise. When double in size  knock back and put in a greased tin.

I am going to experiment and freeze the dough in plastic bag as we still had bread left that I baked on Monday and don't really want to use the oven more than once a week.  I am following instruction from the internet but will write the outcome, when I have it.

Bingo! I defrosted the dough overnight, shaped it into a 'bread shape' put it in a greased tin and waited 2 hours (a bit long)  for it to rise fully again. baked it and in 35 mins we had a delicious fluffy loaf of bread.

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