Thursday 19 March 2020

First week of no from Spade to Plate

What a weird week it has been. Nature is in full swing. Birds are in and out the garden picking up materials for their nests. The temperature outside at times is above 12C which brought the (bumble) bees out to pollinate the nectarine and peach trees.
To be honest looking into the garden all seems exciting with a longing for the months ahead.

On the other hand, looking at the TV, papers and shops however, it is crazy. The Corona virus crisis has made us all take big steps to stop the spread of the virus.  For this reason I am not running the cooking sessions with my friends, I had an idea though to keep on giving inspiration on what to cook, by sharing the menu I am making for the family.

So today, I need to bake bread, I found this video on how to knead for those of  you who have not done this before.  The recipe I normally use is either Lazy Dough or my basic bread dough.
One needs eggs and yoghurt  the other just flour, water, salt and yeast.

During the year we made many versions of bread with the Lazy Dough, here are some pictures of us making this dough
Ai and Kim mixing the dough

dough doubled in size
Hiroe showing what the dough should look like
Joan shaping the dough into bagels
Li, Alice, Lucy and Erika showing off their flat bread made with  lazy dough

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