Wednesday, 9 October 2019

A seasonal meal - last of the runner beans and courgettes

We started with a lettuce and courgette soup as the lettuce that was harvested a couple of days ago was so large, we used most of it to add to our soup. Ted, our allotment friend had some courgettes that needed using so making a lovely velvety soup was just the ticket.


Preparing for the Runner Bean Quinoa Salad with Maple Citrus Dressing. We changed the recipe a bit and felt it needed 1/3 less beans and the juice of one tangerine as well as the segments of one more tangerine. The roasted sliced almonds were really nice and added texture and taste. If you want this recipe to be vegan just omit the feta cheese, to be honest it did not add too much extra to the dish.

The dessert made with pears from the tree is the garden was delicious. Simple and quick to make but definitively a winner.
Melenddra peeling pears


Sunday, 6 October 2019

Chickpea, tomato and peanut stew with cooked pear in orange and cherry sauce

This week with the Victoria Homes group we made raspberry mousse using aquafaba (chickpea water) With the left over chickpeas and the tomatoes from the allotment, I found this recipe it is a West African inspired stew.
beautifully diced onions and red pepper by Sayaka and Hwiwoun

The stew with a freshly steamed broccoli and nasturtium flowers

The Peanut butter we make from scratch as that way we are sure that there is no palm oil incorporated.
It is simple and quick to make so why not?

We picked the broccoli out of the allotment to have with the rice and stew.

As a desert we made some stewed pear.

Lu, Carmen and Cortney stuffing the flowers with cream cheese

In the end we started the meal 1/2 earlier than normal as it was so quickly to make. The end result was a tasty and satisfying meal perfect for a wet and autumnal day.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Butternut Squash Curry with flat bread

Due to illness only 2 members turned up today,  so as a matter of precaution, I chose a menu full of vitamin C, anti oxidants and antibiotic properties,  Garlic, Nasturtiums, Tomatoes, Onions to name but a few.

We turned a lovely Butternut squash and the kale (well massaged with oil) into a curry which we had with rice and a flat bread (as per my 2nd cookery book)

All the vegetables from the allotment that we harvested and were left, were turned into a salad. Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Dill, lettuces, edible flowers borage, cornflowers, marigold and to top it up nasturtium leaves and the flowers stuffed with cream cheese.  Yumm!


Monday, 30 September 2019

Who would have thought it? We all like the Kale salad!

This morning I noticed that the cavalo nero (kale) was ready to harvest, so brought some home to look for a nice recipe.  I found one, with excellent reviews, Kale Salad,  but was worried that Kale was not every ones cup of tea. We gave it a try  though and it turned out we all had seconds! Who would have thought?
The secret. MASSAGING the kale before use!

As the weather was nice some of us had a stroll to the allotment,  to see where our broccoli and kale was growing  (whilst nibbling on raspberries, apples and tomatoes) and when we saw that the storm had taken down a sunflower, we took off the flowers to take home, stripped the leaves for the compost heap and cut the stem to dry out for kindling wood in the winter.
Hwiwoun. Li, Ai, Simone and Sylivia behind the kale patch
Li, Sylvia, Simone, Hwiwoun, Ai
While we were in the allotment, Carmen and June kept an eye on the oven and the soup that we made before we left on our walkabouts.

The fresh carrot and leek soup which went really well with the garlic knot buns made by Ai and Hwiwoun.

Whilst they were making the bread rolls Simone, Carmen, Sylvia and June were busily chopping away. The onions, broccoli, Kale and carrots.

To make sure we could eat it in time, I started making the Challah dough a few hours before the session started as it needed 2 risings and it took nearly 3 hours for that to happen. So the next stage (rolling out) Li did a wonderful job. Sylvia and Carmen prepared the apples which were the ones Melendra and June picked a few weeks ago from a tree in Churchill College. The end result was stunning.

Although it looks nice and golden, it could have been in the oven for a little while more and we thought it might be nice too with chopped dried apricots.  The pieces rose so well that each piece was enough for 2 people, so husbands and children were able to have a nibble of it too.

Simone, Li, Hwiwoun, Ai, Sylvia, Carmen, June

Yet another lovely meal made with vegetables from our abundant allotment and the love, energy and enthusiasm of 7 special friends. Cheers!

Friday, 27 September 2019

Green tomatoes

My friend Consuelo sent me this recipe as she knows I have loads of green tomatoes which can be turned into something delicious.

Cheddar and walnut scones is delicious with some green tomato chutney

How much more British can you make a lunch?

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Leek Soup, Pear Custard Pie and Pasta

It was a little bit of a shock to see that the leeks in the allotment were about to go into flower so steps were taken to turn these beauties into a lovely Vegan Leek and Potato Soup which we had with a yoghurt and oat bread.

Noor making the Leek & potato soup
Isadora making the bread under dad's supervision

As the group wanted to make home made pasta we had a taster of pasta with a simple tomato sauce, topped with cracked pepper and parmesan cheese.

This is how it is done.

Look what I picked!

Picking conference pears for our desert

June and Noor preparing the pears for the pie

What a lovely morning we had.

Monday, 23 September 2019

The huge bucket of tomatoes were turned into a quick tomato sauce for the pizza we made but also as a gazpacho topped with cucumber and chives.

The pizza itself is made mainly on the top stove. We mixed 230gr  self raising flour with 2 tblsps of plain yoghurt, 1 tblsp oil, salt and a little water. Kneaded it into a ball and let it rest in the fridge for a little while. We then rolled it out on a surface sprinkled with semolina to give it a little bit mote 'bite;.
In a large frying pan with a little oil we fried the base until it was golden on both sides.

We transferred it onto a pizza stone, spread the tomato sauce, carrot top pesto, grated cheese, tomatoes, baby courgettes, peppers, red onion, mushrooms salt and pepper and some bits of gorgonzola cheese. Put it under the grill until the cheeses were melted and bubbling. Delicious!

Today with the left over aquafaba  and abundance of raspberries we made some raspberry mousse