Monday, 16 September 2019

Filo pastry and runner bean samosas

As we have now harvested most of the runner beans I thought it might be interesting to make some samosas with them. Rather than mango chutney we use a teaspoon of sweet chili jam and dip them into yoghurt with mint sauce.

The filo pastry recipe was very good. I made the dough before the group came, as it needed an hour to rest before using. We all had a go making the pastry and then use it to make the samosas


As a salad will be make a couscous salad out of the 1st cookery book.
incorporating, the peppers, cucumber and onions out of the garden and the pesto we make from carrot toppings

We used this recipe for the pesto but added a large spoon ful of nutritional yeast.

As a desert we made some apple crumblies, a recipe I got from Monique in Nottingham. We had it with a dollop of yoghurt but it can be eaten on its own.

Apple crumblies
6 oz margarine
6 oz SR flour
6 oz semolina
3 oz sugar

1 lb apples
4 oz sugar
2 oz sultanas
½ tbs cinnamon
7 ½ inch tin  

Melt margarine, stir in flour and semolina and sugar.
½ mixture in tin. Put apples and sugar in pan. Cover and cook add sultanas and cinnamon
Boil for 3 mins until thick. Spread over the mixture. Leave 1” from edge. Crumbs rest of the mixture on top.
Bake for 30 mins.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Seiko is arriving for a holiday in Cambridge.

A few months ago Seilo emailed to see if she could join From Spade to Plate when she arrives in the UK for a week of holiday. On arrival in Heathrow (6am) she took a coach to arrive in time at our home to join in the cooking.

Within minutes she was turning the handle of the pasta machine and was making fresh pasta. As we had so many tomatoes we turn them into a fresh tomato sauce which turned out wonderfully.


We sat around the kitchen table and peeled all the plum tomatoes we picked from the allotment and then
 canned them whole, as per the 'recipe' from my friend Serenella in Italy. This involved peeling the tomatoes, stuffing them into jars and finishing them off in a waterbath for 20 minutes

As a desert we poached some of the pears we picked from a tree on Chesterton Road, using elderflower syrup and some whipped cream.

We had a cucumer and tomato salad to go with it.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Apples and Pears galore

As we picked loads of apples (from The Othersyde,) and pears (From corner chesterton Road) I have decided to turn them into juice before going on holiday.

Arisa pressing the apples

Sara, Sayaka, Hiroe, Arisa and Today prepping the apples

I am also looking after Maria and Pete's allotment, which has 8 very large broccoli heads in need of picking, for that reason, I have decided to use the Broccoli, Courgette and Spinach soup with gorgonzola from book 1

June is looking after the pears
and as a desert we used the pears instead of the Rhubarb when making the Rhubarb crumble from book 2. The almond and ginger topping went really well with the pears and no sound was heard when we were eating.  A keeper we have decided.
Dezyre making the crumble topping

Todai and Arisa went around the garden to pick the sweet mini mini tomatoes which we turned into salad.

Everyone was able to take back with them some pears and a bottle of apple juice.
Yet another lovely morning.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Apples and Green tomatoes

From Spade to Plate this morning was extremely productive. We turned a load of apples into Apple Cordial, Apple Sauce,


Apple Cider vinegar in the making

 The green tomatoes went into making a delicious green tomato cake topped with shredded coconut. 

For our main meal we made wraps with a salad filling from the garden.
Wraps with cream chees, salad, grated cheese and peanuts
Apple Crumble (with almond and ginger crumble) 

Kodai and Arisa making apple crumble
 It was lovely to welcome back Hiroe and her two children, Arisa and Kodai, June and Carmen.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Having been on holiday there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables

Back from holiday and we are welcomed by a glut of tomatoes, runner beans, courgettes and even apples. I have decided to do the from Spade on Monday eventhough it is a bank holiday, I suppose it is even nicer as that way the whole family can come.

Before Tina and her family set sail for the US , she let me harvest appleas from her garden and on the way there I noticed that the apples in behind St Luke's church are ready too so have decided to turn them into juice, (there is something special about the first juice of the year)
It should be nice to do for young and old, especially the tasting.
The pictures turned out to be a little pink as we were working under a red gazebo to protect us from the blazing sun,
After sending out an FB announcement that we would do a family event we had a wonderful turn out.
Lu, Francisco and Isobella, Karina and Urban, Melendra, Robin and Bridget, Suzie K. Vasey, Brian , Gray and Natalie, Lucy, Omer, Theo and Thomas, Akiko and Yosuka all showed up to turn the apples into delicious juice, and apple juice.  Although we had a lot of apples, with so many people coming to help, Mark and I went to pick apples from Githa's garden and later he took Akiko, Yosuka and Suzie across the street to pick the apples in the alley way

For lunch we made wraps filled with cream cheese,  courgetti spagetti, carrots and bean salad, lettuce and grated cheese, as it was  30degree C. too hot for cooking I think

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

3 bean curry and courgette cake

As we had a surprise change of the menu due to a need for a gluten free meal, we used my friend Thea's 3 bean curry recipe, we had it with yoghurt and coriander and some rice.

We also tasted the sunflower leaf soup, as we had plenty of these after picking some flowers to cheer up our houses.

Yuki and Lisa grated the courgettes for the cake which we had as a desert we made some courgette and lemon drizzle cake.  Although very nice, I probably would have  a little less courgette in the cake and a little bit more sugar.

This was the last time for the children and Asko to come to our cooking sessions as they are off back to Japan again. We shall miss them.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Courgettes and runner beans and new potatoes

As the courgettes are growing fast and furiously, we turned them into vegan fritters and had them with new potatoes and runne beans. A simple but tasty meal.  We also had the first of the blackberry cordial harvested this year.

Kevin and Rozenn preparing the runner beans
Lu and Tom

Carmen, Kevin, Rozenn and Simone harvesting new potatoes

Carmen, Lu, Tom and Simone making the courgette fritters

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Courgettes are growing like mad!

Today we are ploughing through 5 huge courgettes as the sun and recent heavy rain made them grown so fast we could not keep up with them.

Although our group today was small as most of the from spade to Plate members have returned to their countries or have gone on holiday, we managed to use almost all of the courgettes.

So together with Lucy (and baby Thomas), June and Rozenn we turned them in a delicious creamy Plant based Courgette soup

We made some Courgetti Spaghetti 'nests' we put them in a muffin pan, added, some finely chopped onion, olives, fetta cheese, cheddar and a mix of egg and a little white wine. This went into the over for 20 minutes  to have as a little appetizer.

The rest if the courgettes were turned into a Lemon Courgette cake. We added poppy seeds to the recipes and a handful of blackberries from the garden.  It turned out lovely

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Pappardelle with peas, broadbeans and parmesan and lovely waffles

May be not the cleverest thing to do, but we made pappardelle for 7 people today. The kitchen surfaces were covered in drying pasta. The first batch (left over dought from yesterday's meal) had been in the fridge over night and came out beautifully. Nice thin pasta that once cut, dried instantly (well, almost instantly) The newly made pasta dough (2 cups of flour, 2 eggs, a little salt, some oil and water, was a bit sticky and needed lots more flour to work with. Despite this, the food was delicious.
Melendra showing us how to make the pasta like a pro!
Whilst we were waiting for the pasta dough to rest, Mark revealed the first audio reading of his book College of Shadows for the critical listeners to give feedback. We all agreed on pace, type of voice etc so he can go and pass on this useful info to Howard directly.  Thanks ladies!

Peas, Broadbeans and lemon what a delightful combi.
We also made Belgium Waffles with this tasty lemon and raspberry sauce. We picked the raspberries from the back garden.
Ben and Tina picking the raspberries
Then we went to the allotment to pick the mint that went so well with the peas and beans in the pappardelle.
  When we arrived home, we put the whole lot together and within no time we were dining like a King and Queens. Must do this again, it was so tasty.