Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Asparagus risotto, lilac syrup

The asparagus are ready to be harvested and thought it might be nice to start the season off with a asparagus risotto. served with purple sprouting broccoli with melted butter and lemon juice.

The lilac is in full bloom and is filling the air with its sweet scent. We harvested a few blooms to turn this sweet smell into a sweet drink

As dessert we made a lilac cheesecake mousse and adaptation of the lemon cheesecake mousse.
Using the lilac syrup and lemon juice for taste, decorated with mint leaves and some lilac petals.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Curried Chickweed, dandelion fritters and basmati rice

Today we had a large group who went on a little foraging expedition. We were on the hunt for dandelions and chickweed.

Before we set off, David made some vegannaise using aquafaba, which we used as a dip for the Dandelion Fritters as well as a topping for the Chickweed curry.


The chickpeas that were left were used in the Curried Chickweed recipe which we had with a carrot and cumin seed salad

A hive of activity in this kitchen, when we prepared the carrot salad

The Dandelions were turned into some delicate Dandelion fritters.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Dandelion fritter, and curried chickweed

Lucky us. The sun was out and the dandelions were in full bloom. Today we went to the allotment to pick these bright yellow flowers to turn into dandelion fritters. We ate them as a starter with a mayonnaise, maple syrup and pepper dip.

Here Yukini and Kazaki are preparing the parmesan cheese and mushroom for the delicious creamy mushroom sauce.

We made some ravioli, tagliatelle and spaghetti and a mushroom and garlic sauce.
The making of the pasta was a big hit with the children and the dandelion fritters were a real novelty.

Must do this again.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Nettle Soup with oat and Yoghurt bread and Dandelion Waffles

Today we will be making oat milk for the waffles we are making, using the left over oats to go into the oat and yoghurt bread.
A great foraging day today.
Although there was a fresh chill in the air, the sun was out and so were the dandelions that we picked in the garage area behind our house.

When we peeped around the corner we were greeted by a see of yellow dandelions. We all pick a few handfuls to be prepared for Dandelion Oat Waffles we followed this recipe to the letter other than adding some poppy seeds which were harvested last autumn.

The Ladies are separating the yellow petals from the flower head

These were then added to the batter  and turned into some delicious waffles, which we ate with icing sugar but also a dollop of banana and blueberry ice cream (left over from Monday's from Spade to Plate session)

We made some Swedish Nettle soup which we had with the oat bread. We baked the bread on the stove in a pan. Delicious!


Monday, 8 April 2019

Oats, Oats and more oats

Today we started with making Oat Milk as the the Creamy Vegan Broccoli Soup called for plant milk.
We went to the allotment to pick the purple sprouting broccoli.

We made some oat and yoghurt bread to go with the deliciously creamy soup.           

As a treat we made a banana blueberry vegan ice cream which went down very well with young and old.  We froze 3 bananas in chunks, as well as a couple of handfuls of blueberry, we blended them into a smooth ice cream. We kept some of the berries to defrost as a topping together with a little fresh mint.

What a lovely morning we had!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Bulgar wheat salad with flat bread and rhubarb crumble

As it was the first rhubarb from the allotment, it was not much but enough to make a delicious Rhubarb cordial 

and  with the left over fibre we made a crumble.

       We made some egg custard to go with the crumble an as main meal we made a Bulgar Wheat Salad with flat bread.



The whole meal was an experiment (which paid off well.)

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

What a lovely birthday party

Today I was treated with no end of flowers and cards before we made my birthday meal. As one friend needs a gluten free diet and another vegan, we managed to come up with a lovely meal with much of the food coming out of the garden.

We sat down and during the preparation of all the food we had a chat, laugh and time to share experiences together.

 It was a hive of activity. We started by making the special occasion salad, we only needed to pick the greens (lambs lettuce and chickweed) from the allotment to add later.

The kitchen smelled divine after we started the curry, again we could make most of beginnings of the curry and needed to pick up the Chard for the Chard and Mushroom Curry from the Guardian News Paper.
Chard, chickpea and mushroom curry (V) which we had with rice and a delicious salad and a sweet potato roti we added some cumin seed to the mix before cooking in a dry frying pan.

When we were in the alloment we pick a variety of different coloured chard, it was a joy to eat but also to look at as it was so colourful.

As we made a vegan gluten free carrot cake, we went to the allotment to pick hand fulls of carrots.