Monday 13 January 2020

Experimentation and first sowing of 2020

A few weeks ago I soaked some green peas (from the grocery store) for a few days until they started to sprout, then planted them in some compost and ended up with a tray full of lovely pea sprouts.
As they became a bit leggy, I chopped 3/4 of the shoots, to go into the fridge and the other 1/4 started growing thicker for another cut in a few weeks time.

Today we soaked another lot, for use in February. The pea sprouts we also mixed with some corn salad and parley, a citrus dressing topped with grated and shaved parmesan cheese.     

Last week we made a tahini sauce, with some left in the fridge we turned it into oil free Hummus where we used yogurt instead.

   Whilst Rurie and Manami made the hummus,  June, chopped the Yacon, celery and carrots we used to go with the dip.

We made a delicious vegan Mushroom Soup, which will no doubt end up in our 4th book

Then as a dessert we made a souffle mango pancake. Slightly over done, next time, we will make it just before serving, we got our timing wrong. Although we used mango and an orange maple sauce. The original recipe called for blue berries and strawberries, so will tty and perfect it in the summer when blue berries and strawberries will be in abundance.

All in all a lovely meal again

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