Monday 27 January 2020

A bit of impromtu cooking

Today I went to the allotment to pick vegetables for the morning session. Due to the amount of rain lately I have found that some of the carrots had split. So change of recipe and Carrot and Ginger soup 
it will be.  As the soup contained butter beans, we did not want to throw away the bean liquid (Aqua Faba) so decided to make a lemon mousse with it.  So that was the dessert sorted.

Last week I made a lovely recipe Chive waffles with maple and Soy mushrooms. As it was only for the two of us, I put the other 8 waffles in the freezer for another time.

Well, the other time was now. The waffles this time were awful, taste was good but they just got stuck in the waffle iron, so we cheated  and warmed up the previously made waffles in the toaster and followed the rest of the recipe. The mushroom in maple and soy sauce were delicious, I think that they would also be lovely on a bed of mash potatoes, rice, polenta etc.

We made some rocket, pear and parmesan salad to go with it. Karina mentioned that in the past she used to crumble goats cheese instead of parmesan. Something to try in the future.
  Although Hao came a few weeks ago, he picked the rocket then too and I found a picture of him, preparing it.

The table was laid for 9 people today,  a filing lunch with some delicious Elderberry and ginger cordial.
Wonder woman, June, managed to open the corddial bottle where others failed!!

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