Friday 10 January 2020

Avocado Chocolate mousse, Noodles and stir fry

This term I am trying to find recipes that are easy to make from scratch and create hardly any waste.

So we started to turn the 4 avocados that were given to me into a delicious Avocado and Chocolate Mousse. The original recipe was by Gordon Ramsey but we added orange juice to the mixture to make it a little lighter, as Rowan did not know what Aqua Faba was we whipped up some aqua faba (chick pea water) and folded into the avocado Chocolate mixture. It made it nice and fluffy and set well in the fridge. When we were ready to eat we topped it up with a dollop of black currant jelly, some orange zest and a mint leaf. It turned out really well.

We then made some egg noodles to go with our stir fried vegetables.

As I had harvested our first Yacon, this went  in the stir fry together with the carrots, onions, peppers, mung bean sprouts, ginger and garlic. We added a little soya sauce and put it on a bed of noodles, sprinkled sesame seeds  and the satay sauce.

We made the peanut butter first and then proceeded to turn that into satay sauce.
As I had a tin of coconut milk, I used this but had a tin to get rid off. Rowen suggested to use coconut powder and then add milk. As I had not heard of this before, I will be on the look out for this in the local corner shop

All in all a wonderful meal

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