Monday 20 January 2020

Chard and Peanut Soba noodle bowls

Today we used the chard from the allotment and the home made peanut butter to make this lovely Chard and noodle dish

Lesley making the noodle dough
We first made the noodles, Lesley made the dough, and whilst it was resting, we made the peanut butter and the sauce.

Kim, June and Hiroe making the noodles
Look what we made

Kim made the peanut butter for use later in the sauce and for the week's peanut butter and jelly

This recipe called for a cucumber pickle. As we have no cucumbers at this time of the year, I used a jar I made in autumn

The smoked  Chickpea tofu was lovely with it too. Crunchy on the outside, and soft in the inside.


New to us all, this is a keeper. Instead of cumin or garam masala we used smoked paprika and a table spoon of liquid smoke (because I have it)

It was a very tasty, quick and healthy meal, and most of the recipes will end up in the next cookery book. 

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