Wednesday 29 April 2020

Lilac biscuits, Rhubarb and orange scones and Lilac and lemon Fizz

This Wednesday's From Spade to Plate  we made it an earlier session, which meant that it was too early for lunch, but good for an English tea party with biscuits and scones.

We start off by making some scone.
The rhubarb is ready too, so make some stewed rhubarb with orange zest for the 'scone topping, the rest of the rhubarb we put in ramakin dishes, added some topping made with a cup of chopped almonds,a teaspoon of orange zest and streussel

The Lilac blossom is out so thought we could make some drinks and tasty treats out of it.

We could make some lilac blossom  biscuits

and make a Lilac and lemon mocktail

This post was first aired 25/4/2018

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