Tuesday 5 May 2020

Lilac uses

These recipes were first posted on 1/5/2019.
I have updated  it As the last 3 weeks have been un seasonally warm and dry, the lilac blossom is peering over the fence.

I miss cooking it with Melendra, Sayaka, Simone, Tina and Yasmin so will be doing it for Mark and myself, and maybe it inspires others to try it out.

So  I did the lilac syrup which turned pretty pink when mixed with sparkling water.
As a main course we had the Asparagus and lemon orzo (it was a little on the salty side) but found out later that we had forgotten to add the dressing. Believe it or not, it was still a lovely meal..

Because of the last warm weeks, the chard is starting to bolt so I made a soup with this spinach tasting vegetable.  It was lovely to mix with frozen peas as well. With it, we also made a basic bread roll using the potato yeast which I made over night.  With a shortage of dried yeast this is a great find.

As a desert we had our lilac biscuit.

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