Wednesday 27 March 2019

What a lovely birthday party

Today I was treated with no end of flowers and cards before we made my birthday meal. As one friend needs a gluten free diet and another vegan, we managed to come up with a lovely meal with much of the food coming out of the garden.

We sat down and during the preparation of all the food we had a chat, laugh and time to share experiences together.

 It was a hive of activity. We started by making the special occasion salad, we only needed to pick the greens (lambs lettuce and chickweed) from the allotment to add later.

The kitchen smelled divine after we started the curry, again we could make most of beginnings of the curry and needed to pick up the Chard for the Chard and Mushroom Curry from the Guardian News Paper.
Chard, chickpea and mushroom curry (V) which we had with rice and a delicious salad and a sweet potato roti we added some cumin seed to the mix before cooking in a dry frying pan.

When we were in the alloment we pick a variety of different coloured chard, it was a joy to eat but also to look at as it was so colourful.

As we made a vegan gluten free carrot cake, we went to the allotment to pick hand fulls of carrots.

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