Monday 25 March 2019

How much can one do in 2 hours? Answer: A lot

As we were going to use the oven today we made a variety of recipes that uses the oven.
First I baked my bread and bread rolls, for the coming week,
Then we turned the left over macaroni cheese into delicous macaroni cheese balls. A lovely appetiser with some sweet chili dip.


While Vicky, Tina and Yosi  made the cheese balls, June and Sayaka focussed on the filling of the mini mushroom and carrot pies.


Together with Asako, Asuka turned her hand at making the beetroot and chocolate cake, 
     we added walnuts to this recipe and baked them in individual jars so that we could all take some home to share with our families.

Going to the allotment in such gorgeous weather was a real treat. The sun was shining albeit a little chilly, so 8 of us went to pick purple sprouting broccoli to be steamed and mint and carrots to go into the carrot salad. In the mean time at home, June was keeping a beady eye on the oven.


On our return into the kitchen, the alarm clock went off. It was time to remove the mac cheese balls and mini pies from the oven.

With all hands on deck, the carrots were washed and cleaned, the broccoli washed and prepared, salad made and table laid. Amazing. The end result was a stunning and tasty meal, finished off by a slice of beetroot chocolate cake. Yumm.

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