Friday 17 August 2018

Outing to Landgoed Marienwaerdt -

I had read so much about it in the various magazines so when I found that the Landgoed Fair in Beesd coincided with our holiday in Holland, we felt we had to go.
We took the bus and the train to arrive at Beesd station to be awaited  for by a kind gentle man with a mini bus, who took all those who wanted straight to the entrance of the fair.

I really enjoyed going to the Marienwaerdt's Landgoed winkel and bought some original Molenkoek mix. we had a demonstration of the bakers of the estate and a little taster too. It was delicious so decided to buy a pack and see if I could make it just as nice as they did. The verdict is out as I will share it with my family when they come back from their holiday.

The smells nice though and it looks good. Hopefully worth doing again.


Tarwebloem, havermoutvlokken, bakpoeder, zout, rozijnen en kaneel.

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