Saturday 18 August 2018

Even when on holiday I can't stop myself harvest abundant fruit

When I arrived in our lovely holiday spot in Holland, Loenen aan de Vecht, I noticed that a lane of apple trees along one of the main roads in the village was going to waste as they were full of (small) but ripe apples but no body seems to pick them.  So on my way to the shop I picked a few not too damaged ones in order to make some appel pannekoeken, apple flappen and apple carré.

At the shop I bought some flour, raisins and a pack of puff pasty. The following days, we had some delightful treats from apples that would otherwise have ended up in the Kliko (green wheeliebin).

I found a local juice maker  de Schulperij  who is happy press apples (if you can bring in a minimum of 600kg) you can make up your own label. A good idea if you club together with some neighbours who also have apple trees.

In the mean time we are enjoying those little apples in Loenen as part of our holiday activities.

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