Wednesday 8 August 2018

Making sore throat 'sweeties' today

Yesterday Mark and I went out to our normal place in Coton to check the black berries, It was a little disappointing, most likely due to the lack of rain. Still I managed to make:

3 bottles of black berry and apple cordial
2 bottles of Blackberry, ginger, lemon cordial
2 trays of blackberry, ginger, lemon  fruit leather

and one large block of sore throat gummies
blackberries, ginger and lemon just/zest
After straining I added honey and let cool to room temperature
Then added Dr Oetker Vege Gel according to instructions (3 packs could do with one more for a firmer set)

Blackberry and Ginger Gummies

Strips of fruit leather (blackberry and Ginger)


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