Monday 6 August 2018

Monday 6th August - a Mediterranean meal on a hot summers day

As the weather has been so hot for so long, it was a perfect day for a cold soup.  Today we made a gazpacho for starters.
the basil is growing really well in the stacked plastic bottles

First  a lot of chopping of onions, peppers, tomatoes, basil  and garlic

Carmen, June and Ada, the chopping team

Delicious Gazpacho, we added some ground lovage seeds for flavour

We also picked a marrow (as I overlooked it when picking the courgettes a couple of days ago) we decided to stuff it with couscous, peas, mint, blue cheese and topped it off with parmesan cheese


and a tray of roasted vegetables
Elaine picking cherry tomatoes for the roasted vegetables

As the oven is on for the bread and the roasted vegetables, we made some blackberry Bakewell muffins with the blackberries we picked.

Melendra and Simone making the muffins

Whilst everything was in the oven we walked into the garden and picked some beetroot for everyone to take some home and experiment a little. The egg timer went off so we went inside as it was time to indulge and share a delicious meal with the lovely From Spade to Plate friends


  1. Thank you Ada for taking this week's pictures. Sorry to see you go.
    We hope your move will be a happy one..
    I have just made a vegetable soup using up left over veg including leaves and stems of beet root, made a shredded raw beetroot, and carrot salad with toasted mixed seeds, sliced oranges with a vinaigrette dressing ( with lemon juice), cheese scones and baked peaches from saffron Malden market,halved with brown sugar , cinnamon and butter in each half, turned over cut side down,,before baking 20 minutes,yummy and inspired by my spade to plate group experience!!
    Oh ,and baked veg using
    lots of peppers courgettes tomatoes onions and garlic
    Next time bread making
    Thanks Karina
    Jon very happy!!

  2. Dear lovely ladies,

    Thank you Karina and all, you are amazing!
    I forwarded the photos to family in Australia and to some friends in the States.
    How envious those people were! They were very pleased that I've kept busy in Cambridge by the generosity of people like Karina

    I used the garden fresh beetroot with pasta for a quick and nutritious lunch.
    I simmered the cubed beetroot gently, drain. In the same pan, with some olive oil and garlic, I stir fried the stem and leaves then added the cooked cubes of beetroot, tossed in the pasta and some basil leaves, violà, lunch's ready!

    Let us all be blessed with this nourishing way of living, body, mind and soul contented.

    Till next summer,
    With appreciation and love,