Sunday 26 August 2018

Apple cider vinegar

As lots of apples have dropped of the cooking apple tree at my neighbours and the eating apples in the allotment, I have decided to make some apple cider vinegar with them.
I hope to have apple juice later in the month but for now I don't want to waste these windfalls.

I put some lids on top of the apples to stop them from floating and coming in contact with the air. I hope that the plastic has no effect on the outcome. We shall see in a few weeks time.

I did add some of the previous apple cider vinegar together with some honey so hopefully that gets the process going.

This is what it looks like on Wednesday 8th August

Is the stuff on the bottom the 'mother'?

I will have to wait and see at the end of the month if this is indeed the mother. By then I will be pressing apples again and make more of this amazing stuff.

Just back from holiday. Today is the 26th August and have tasted the vinegar and tasted lovely and fruity. Have composted the left over apples and made nearly 3 litres out of this batch. As I am planning to make another batch this week when apple pressing I will take some of this batch as a starter for more vinegar for the year ahead.

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