Wednesday 30 May 2018

Wednesday 30th May. From Spade to plate: Creamy mushroom and spinach

As we are clearing the chard from the allotment, and sowing again for the coming season.

A bit of a Green theme today.

Asparagus and Spinach soup  with tomato bruschetta

What is so wonderful about our group is that apart from sowing, harvesting, and turning lovely fruit and vegetables into something delicious and nutritious, we spend a lot of time chatting and discussing  issues that are questions from our foreign visitors. Felicia had questions regarding the history of the wives of King Henry 8th. Thank goodness for Melendra's input as she seemed to know more about the UK royal history than the English members of our group. Also great that we had Google on hand, to verify the facts.
Melendra and Felicia, checking our History facts

 I thought  this tasty  recipe with Mushrooms and spinach, thought it might go well with some rice.

As a dessert we had banana, strawberry and rhubarb icecream.

We had frozen banana slices, whizzed it in the foodprocessor with some strawberry jam and stewed rhubarb. We then had an instant creamy, vegan icecream.

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