Wednesday 16 May 2018

Paola's Spinach recipe.

Cook the spinach, squeeze all the water out and chop. Mix with ricotta, egg (or eggs) parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, nutmeg and a bit of flour.
We used this gnocchi recipe but added loads of spinach

Form into balls and roll into flour. 
When the water comes to boil drop them in and lift them out once they come to the surface (like gnocchi). Don't let the water boil too hard because that could cause them to disintegrate….

For the tomato sauce put some oil in a pan with a clove of garlic. Fry the garlic without letting it go brown and add chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar as well as basil.
Cook for about 10 minutes, Voila!
Ciao x

Thanks Paola, the end result was gorgeous.

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  1. Congratulations for 1st birthday of from spade to plate!!!

    I am so happy that I can join the session every Monday or Wednesday.
    I like all your vegetables and recipes.

    Thank you very much for giving me many spinach. They are so tasty. I made spinach Galette and my family loved it.
    Next day, I put some spinach into Japanese miso soup and it was also delicious.
    My 🌿 Basil looks very good. I cut into 4 and they all look ok. This is my first time that I don’t have to put them into the bin. I am very pleased that you told me how to take care of basil. Thank you very much.

    See you soon.

    Kind regards