Monday 21 May 2018

What joy to get to hear from my lovely From Spade to Plate friends.

Over the last few weeks I received the occasional update from my From Spade to Plate friends.
It is so lovely to know that the recipes we have used are tried in their own accommodation to share with their families.

Last week I heard from Asako and Annie,

 today within hours of making the elderflower cordial I received this from Yumi

Hello Karina,

I was very enjoyed your session today.
After that, I and Yuki went to a park to find elderflower .
It was difficult, but we found two elderflower trees!
We picked many flowers.It was very interesting!
I am looking forward to make elderflower cordial.

Best regards 

It was great fun. I’m so excited about the vegan smoked salmon. Joe and Sage will be too!


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