Wednesday 9 May 2018

Wednesday 9th May: Leek, mushroom spinach and nettle galette

First thing this morning I went to pick some rhubarb so we could started the cordial straight away.
It was easy and quick to make. We even managed a glass in the sunshine, whilst the crumble and galette were in the oven.

Yesterday I saw some lovely nettles that we could use for todays meal.
I think is goes well in the Leek, mushroom, spinach Galette we just added the nettle tops after thoroughly washing them (with gloves on) then blanching them to avoid any stinging.

The end result was delicious

We  picked the first of this year's lettuce that we sowed with the group a few weeks ago and had it  with our meal.

As a desert we have a rhubarb crumble

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