Sunday 3 June 2018

Monday 4th June: From Spade to Plate: Broadbean and asparagus risotto with strawberry and mixed salad

What a joy!  Both the strawberries and the broad beans are ready to be harvested.
Now what can I do to make a nice lunch out of this?

Thanks to the internet I have found two lovely recipes.

The Broadbean and asparagus risotto  is based on this recipe and added some lemon rind and juice to lift it a bit.

As a salad we will harvest the leaves of the lettuces we sowed in March and include the first strawberries

As the morning was very overcasted and a light rain, I harvested the broadbeans and the asparagus earlier in the day, just in case it would rain properly when the group would arrive. It turned out that it was dry enough to go out and pick more strawberries from the garden for the salad and the strawberry and banana icecream.

We also managed to go into the allotment where we picked flowers to cheer up our homes with colour and sweet memories. (somehow many of us have old memories when seeing Sweet William flowers)

The risotto and the salad were delicious!

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