Friday 15 August 2014

another outing for the press- how exciting!

Rebecca very kindly picked and froze a few bags of damsons that had fallen off her tree in the allotment (heavy rain and winds over the weekend), whilst having a love cuppa on her terrace I noticed in the distance a beautiful apple tree full of red apples.

Come to think of it, I was surrounded by gardens with apples, figs and other fruits, a veritable feast!
When I asked Rebecca about that amazing apple tree, she mentioned that she picks some very day as it is in a garden of a house rented by students.

We promptly set off and picked a few bags.

Laden with damsons and apples, I set off for Garden Walk and within 1/2 hour all were turned into 3 liters of delicious apple juice, mixed with  some the cooking apples I picked from Kate's garden.
A little bit tart maybe, but a great start.

Also fantastic timing as the next day the bin men came to pick up the green wheelie bins, so no fruit flies at our house!

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