Sunday 10 August 2014

Plum Crumble - tip for de-stoning

Yesterday whilst having a lovely get together with Kate, Reggie, Penny and Mark we were chatting about how we process certain fruit.  My good friend Thea from West Bridgford is the queen of Plum and Damson jams, she once told me that the way she takes out the stones is by freezing them first overnight, then defrost on the day of use, although messy, the stones pop out with ease and you can be assured no one ends up at the dentist with a cracked tooth.

As in the past I tried various ways and always missed a stone or two. I have now adopted Thea's tip and shared it with my new found friends in Cambridge.

Will be making this Plum Crumble by later. Plums are defrosting.

Recipe from Good Food website

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