Sunday 10 August 2014

Kate's cry for help turned out to be a lovely afternoon for all concerned

Kate sent an SOS out to the Transition food group. Reggie, Mark and I managed to make it today.
Armed with pickers, bags and sheets we tackled this beautiful cooking apple tree in the back of Kate's yard.

After an hour of picking, we called it a day. Had a cup of tea with delicious apple cake baked by Penny.
We all walked/cycled off with loads of apples pondering on what we will do with them.

Kate is planning to make chutney
Penny is baking
Reggie will be drying, making fruit leather and chutneys
and I am planning to juice it all with both my apple press and my 'entsafter'.
I hope to make enough to share with the others and swap some with their produce.

We shall see how it works out.

Top Picture: Kate showing off her WARNER'S KING apples, Reggie high up in the tree

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