Sunday 10 August 2014

Can I process the apples before the storm hits?

With the tail end of Hurricane Bertha forecast to hit us this morning, I decided to wake up early, set up camp in the garden and press the apples picked yesterday.
Mark helped me set up the little gazebo, the cutting and cleaning table and the press so that we could turn the harvest into delicious juice.

This is the first time I used the press since we  moved here and although compact, it probably worked even better than in the past. wheelie bin nearby for the apple waste (great timing as the bins will be picked up on Tuesday) the hose on hand for cleaning up the press and table afterward, and within minutes of pressing it was bottled and pasturised. Well some of it, as I felt the mix of Kate's cooking apples and the windfalls of Clara's eaters was not as balanced a taste as I wanted it to be. I have frozen most until I find a sweet apple tree, then I will mix and bottle for storing this winter.

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