Saturday 2 August 2014

What will be, will be

My new venture is such a joy.
Simple and full of surprises.
Yesterday, I put out on my little table a large basket of cooking apples from Ruth's garden.

When I looked later in the day, half the cooking apples had gone, plums had been donated and so were a few eating apples and walnuts.

The postman asked if he could have a few apples for on his round. Ofcourse he can! Who ever, when ever wants some of the fruit, just helps themselves. Be grateful for the abundance of our area and be on their way again.  He is now on the look out of trees on his round that are going to waste so hopefully soon we can rescue that fruit too.

By the end of the day, we had 3 apples left. I think I will make some apple sauce with them

Summing up the day.
Met some lovely people along the way and be in the knowledge that the food has gone to some good homes.  A great day!

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