Wednesday 13 August 2014

So lovely to meet Pip

Whilst walking through the carpark of St Luke's church I noticed that the greengages and damson were dropping fast and furiously. I decided to go back and get some bags to rescue them.
I heard voices at the other side of the fence so asked if it was OK to pick the fruit.
A kind lady then asked me to come around and pick the fruit on her side too.  Running out of time, we arranged to meet a little later in the day.

Armed with a helper (my son Tom) we came back and picked loads for my friend, Kelley, a large bowl for Pip's friend, another bowl for herself and we still have a huge bag to put on the Abundance table in front of our home.  It only took 20 minutes, made a lovely friend in the process and provided fruit to a hand full of local people.  Simple!

I had promised Pip a jar of jam made with my strawberry puree (left over from my strawberry juice making) and  her damsons that I picked earlier in the week, but had forgotten to take it with me.

When I returned later to drop at her doorstep, I notice a little bit further in the gutter some cooking apples. I walked on and found a gorgeous cooking apple tree, dropping its fruit.
When I knocked on the door of the owner, Chris and Fiona (the owners very grown up children) gave me a bit of history of the area. shared some fun stories about the apple harvest they used to do with their mum when they were children and invited me to come back and pick them all.

I picked some up on the way back, turned them into 'Monique's apple crumblies' some for us to enjoy and the rest will be taken back to Chris and Fiona to give to their mum, who has now moved to a home.

What a great way to get to know your lovely neighbours. I can recommend it to anyone!

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