Monday 11 May 2020

Sag Aloo with rice

So lovely looking back at what we did last year around this time.  on the 6th May 2019,June,
 Megan, Olivia, Violet, Liz, Rozenn and I had a lovely time. I thought I make this meal again, and savour not only the food but also the memories.

The perpetual spinach is about to go in flower so we harvested what there was to turn into Sag Aloo with chickpeas. Meghan brought Olivia and Violet who were great helpers.  We also picked some m lemon balm  to put in the dessert but the violets, calendula and borage were to  decorate our lemon mousse.

finely chopping the lemon balm

Back at home, the chopping started.

Flowers picked by Violet

As a dessert we used the chickpea water to turn into lemon mousse.

The Sag Aloo turned out really well.  We had it with rice and flat bread.

A very productive morning

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