Wednesday 13 June 2018

Peas galore and strawberry jam

It was such a lovely surprise to have Julie come and join us on her first day of retirement.
The fact that Annie managed to make it was amazing too. Her baby is due soon so she is flying back to China tomorrow, but not until she had another cooking session at From Spade to Plate!

She brought Tang (or her English name: June) for whom it was her first time to join this group. She became the queen of pasta making.  We split the group up a little so that we managed all the activities within the 2 hours.

Bella,  Yumi and June  made the pasta, which was left to dry whilst we all went to the allotment to pick the strawberries for the jam.

Whilst there, we picked some flowers to take home and cheer up our houses.

Whilst one group was making the pasta,  Veridiana, Annie and Julie  shelled the peas and cut the asparagus to go into the pasta at the last minute.

We made a soup out of the pea shells, some potatoes and ends of asparagus. Added a couple of hands of lettuce leaves and a stock cube, we let this bubble away whilst picking the strawberries so on return it was soft enough to put through the Passe vite (Mouly), to thicken it a little we added some corn flour.  The soup turned out to be delicious with a toasted piece of granary loaf.

The Jam 90% strawberries and 10% rhubarb was just enough for everyone to take a jar home. They were labeled and left to cool down to set. Fingers crossed it turns out well.

We had our soup and just before everyone had finished, we added the pasta into the boiling salted water for 1 minute. Once done, the asparagus, peas, (zest of 1 lemon) blue cheese and pepper and salt were added and topped with herbs before serving.  Lovely and so simple!

Another lovely morning. I am so lucky with such lovely friends and such amazing food.

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