Tuesday 8 August 2017

From Spade to plate: Wednesday 9th: Gluten Free Courgetti - Bami

With all this rain the courgettes have grown into Marrows in a very short time.
The good thing is that we have managed to borrow a very good Spiralizer that would do the job to turn these monsters into delicious healthy 'noodles'.

When my friends turned up the weather was as forecasted, wet and autumnal.
This morning I had gone to the allotment to get the leeks, courgettes and runner beans, as I did not think it was necessary for us all to get wet and cold.

Sarolta turning the marrow into noodles
We turned them into courgetti noodles  with a Bami topping -

Using leek,  Pak choi, carrots, french and runner beans, courgettes from the gardens. We noticed that the Bammi Goreng pack thatvI bought in Holland was not gluten free, so when checking the package for what spices to add, we added coriander, tumeric, garlic, ginger and cumin.  When the vegetables were cooked we added the cougetti noodles and served with (gluten free soya sauce)  silver onions, pickled cucumbers and fried bananas.
The fried eggs (free range eggs from Susan and Mike's hens, thank you) turned it into a delicious meal.

We did manage to go into our garden for a little bit, so we picked the french beans that i have been growing in  the bottles and the Pak Choi, that planted itself a little while ago, so a nice surprise.

Whatever the weather was outside, the friendship and chatter was warm and kind.
Another lovely day.  We are blessed.

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