Wednesday 11 September 2019

Seiko is arriving for a holiday in Cambridge.

A few months ago Seilo emailed to see if she could join From Spade to Plate when she arrives in the UK for a week of holiday. On arrival in Heathrow (6am) she took a coach to arrive in time at our home to join in the cooking.

Within minutes she was turning the handle of the pasta machine and was making fresh pasta. As we had so many tomatoes we turn them into a fresh tomato sauce which turned out wonderfully.


We sat around the kitchen table and peeled all the plum tomatoes we picked from the allotment and then
 canned them whole, as per the 'recipe' from my friend Serenella in Italy. This involved peeling the tomatoes, stuffing them into jars and finishing them off in a waterbath for 20 minutes

As a desert we poached some of the pears we picked from a tree on Chesterton Road, using elderflower syrup and some whipped cream.

We had a cucumer and tomato salad to go with it.

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