Monday 26 August 2019

Having been on holiday there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables

Back from holiday and we are welcomed by a glut of tomatoes, runner beans, courgettes and even apples. I have decided to do the from Spade on Monday eventhough it is a bank holiday, I suppose it is even nicer as that way the whole family can come.

Before Tina and her family set sail for the US , she let me harvest appleas from her garden and on the way there I noticed that the apples in behind St Luke's church are ready too so have decided to turn them into juice, (there is something special about the first juice of the year)
It should be nice to do for young and old, especially the tasting.
The pictures turned out to be a little pink as we were working under a red gazebo to protect us from the blazing sun,
After sending out an FB announcement that we would do a family event we had a wonderful turn out.
Lu, Francisco and Isobella, Karina and Urban, Melendra, Robin and Bridget, Suzie K. Vasey, Brian , Gray and Natalie, Lucy, Omer, Theo and Thomas, Akiko and Yosuka all showed up to turn the apples into delicious juice, and apple juice.  Although we had a lot of apples, with so many people coming to help, Mark and I went to pick apples from Githa's garden and later he took Akiko, Yosuka and Suzie across the street to pick the apples in the alley way

For lunch we made wraps filled with cream cheese,  courgetti spagetti, carrots and bean salad, lettuce and grated cheese, as it was  30degree C. too hot for cooking I think

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  1. I love all those faces I miss! The apple press looks really fun.