Friday 26 June 2020

Use what is in the freezer

first posted 17/6/2019

What a difference a year makes!

The weather has been terribly wet which made me harvest all the strawberries that were ready to harvest, normally I might have left them for a few more day in the sunshine to sweeten them but I did not want to risk rot, slug damage and watery flavour, so today we picked all in order to eat in the strawberry and banana ice cream as well as to freeze for later use.

The onions, garlic and spinach beet that were frozen in the last few weeks, were turned into a delicious spinach and potato curry.


The potatoes were harvested from the back garden and the area resown with french beans, Faraday, and beetroot boltardy for a late harvest in September.
The bed sit has peas in them, so we all had a little pod to enjoy as a treat. Like June said, this is what she used to do as a small girl when visiting her grandmother.


The flat bread we enriched with calendula and cornflower blossom. It did not give a special taste, but it was a joy for the eye.

We also went out to cut some of the lavender to be turned into lavender cordial. A real delight.


Terry, Sayaka, Ai, Yasmin, Hiroe, Asako and June enjoying their lunch

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