Wednesday 24 June 2020

Cherry Jam and stuffed Mushrooms

This was first posted 10/7/2018

Today we made a vegetarian gluten free  stuffed mushroom recipe with the mushrooms and rice and the french beans.

We went to pick the last of the cherries and turned them into jam. A bit of a messy job but the harvesters got stuck in and together managed to make enough for 7 jars.


As we had quite a few blueberries we made some blue berry muffins with a twist (in a jar)
We greased the 'bon maman' jars and sprinkled them with flour and cinnamon. Then filled them half full (don't fill higher) put them in the oven 180 C and when done, remove from oven and put the lid on it. That way when it cools down, it will pull it vacuum and you can keep it out of the fridge for weeks. 

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