Wednesday 24 June 2020

Stuffed Mushrooms - gluten free

This post was first posted 47/2017
Today we made a vegetarian gluten free  stuffed mushroom recipe with the mushrooms and rice and the french beans.

We started with a lettuce soup to show how easy and quick it is to make a delicious creamy soup.

As Pauline's Morello cherries are ready to harvest and we have 9 pairs of hands to prepare them, we picked them and turned them into jam.

Yesterday I made a batch and turned it into Cherry Juice and some jam.

Although I never use straws to drink from, I have found that the dried chives stalks that I was pulling out were perfect biodegradable straws!



  1. It was lovely spending time with you all..A special thanks to the tireless and creative Karina.The mushrooms and beans were a triumph! I'm looking forward to cherry jam...
    Good luck and Bon voyage to departing friends...
    Warmest regards,

  2. Karina
    The jam is delicious !
    I hope you can download the photos, they are attached ! There are a lot!