Friday 19 June 2020

Home made chickpea flour Tofu - a big hit

30/130 This week we made Chickpea flour tofu with both groups.  Not only was it very easy it was very quick and tasty too. So tasty in fact that most of use who hated tofu before we started cooking, are now convinced to make their own in future.

On Monday we used dried shop bought egg noodles, but after trying making them for my own family yesterday, we spent this morning making Chinese egg noodles from scratch. Fun, easy and tasty!

They went really well with my new Bami recipe. In the past I used the Conimex kruiden mix from Holland, but now I have found the spices combination, we made it with the spices from the kitchen and it tasted even nicer. We had this Bami with the pickled courgettes we made in the summer, some fried bananas and a fried egg.

Very filling but perfect for a day like today

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