Wednesday 1 May 2019

Wednesday 1st May - Dandelion Jelly, Spinach polpette with Orzo

As the orzo we did on monday was not properly made, I decided to try again and see how it turned out.
Well, it was delicious.
A few months ago Carmen gave me a recipe from Waitrose. Spinach polpette with orzo so decided to do a mixture of the lemon asparagus orzo recipe from Monday's from Spade to Plate but added the tomatoes and the spinach polpettes and topped it with finely chopped mint. It was gorgeous.

The juice today was Rhubarb cordial, with the pulp I made some lovely rhubarb crumble for the family, so not a bit of waste here.

The weather was nice and the dandelions were going to seed all over the allotment. To do the other allotment holders a favour, we picked 110gr of dandelion petals and turned them into dandelion jelly.
This time we used a sachet of pectine rather than my favourite dutch jelly sugar. I am keeping fingers crossed that it will set as everyone went home with a little jar to put on their toast as a vegan alternative to honey.

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