Monday 13 May 2019

Mini spinach quiche (vg) (gf) and Chick pea brownies

Mini vegan spinach quiche  great recipe for buffets or as little snacks


We made it with a couscous salad

and as dessert this amazing chickpea chocolate brownie

Finally some sunshine and a bit of warmth, so we ended up in the allotment as well as the garden, to pick our ingredients and some flowers. Currently the phacelia, calendula, love in the mist, sweetpeas, are ready to be picked.

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  1. Thank you very much for your lovely flowers. They look beautiful on our table.
    I made quiche, couscous salad and chickpea brownies today and my children loved them.
    They normally can’t eat rockets because they are bitter, but in the couscous salad, they ate them. Brownies were tasty, but a little bit too much chocolate for us, so it was a good idea to eat brownies with Yogurt.