Wednesday 22 May 2019

Rhubarb last chance of the season

Last week Rozenn passed on a Rhubarb dhal recipe to me.  As the season draws to a close I decided to make this dahl and see how the group enjoys it.

First we chopped a kilogram of rhubarb to turn into a rhubarb cordial, for this we used oranges, lemons, ginger and sugar. The end result as per usual was delicious.

Asuka and Lolita whipped the double cream with the yoghurt and then blended it with the rhubarb mix to turn it into a Rhubarb fool.


For our main meal we had a rhubarb dahl with  rice and flat bread.

Whilst we were in the allotment,


We  picked dandelion (leaves and roots), plantain, cleaver, chickweed and nettles. Chopped them really finely and then packed this into a large jar. We covered this with apple cider vinegar and will leave this to stand for a few weeks before straining and using for salad dressings and/or 1 teaspoon per day as a mineral supplement.  This mix is great for healthy bones, hair and nails.

It went down a treat.

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