Tuesday 26 February 2019

Leek and Walnut Orzotto, Planting Potatoes, eating sunflower shoot salad and

Today I was planning to make  the Leek and walnut orzotto recipe as one of our favourites from the first cooking book. We had a few new people in our group, so  I thought it might be worth repeating.

Then an hour before we were about to start, a surprise visit from Julie, who donated 6 kg of frozen damsons as she needed to clear out her freezer. With a bit of quick thinking I altered the cooking plan and ended up with making a Damson fool. As the de stoning was such a messy job, I destoned the rest after the group had gone and will make some more treats with them on Wednesday.

The Sunflower shoots and pea shoots that we sowed 2 weeks ago are ready for harvesting so we will make a Sunflower shoot salad . The lemon vinegrette was delicious, a bit too much, so we kept the other half for another day.
sunflower (left) and pea shoots (right)
Sayaka harvesting the first sunflower shoots
Cortney harvesting the pea shoots

we also went to the allotment to pick some early edible 'weeds'. Daisy, Speedwell, calendula petals, rosemary flowers, lambs lettuce, purple dead nettle and a few carrots. For Ding and Wen this was the first time that they had harvested a carrot.
Wen showing her first ever carrots she has harvested
Wen and Ding showing off their carrots

What a beautiful day we had, temperatures were too high for this time of year, but it was lovely for us to feel a bit of sunshine.

A few moments harvesting carrots

Going back home with the harvest of salad leaves and carrots

Another lovely morning with my friends

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