Tuesday 19 February 2019

Half term and a full house

Today is the first day of half term so a great opportunity to meet some of the children of our From Spade to Plate members. The youngest being 7  years old, I thought it might be nice to do some sowing and cooking of their favourite meal Pizza.

As we only have a 2 hour slot, I pre made a pizza dough (same as our normal white bread flour). Rolled it out and then spread tomato paste over it.

 Then we went on to make our Apple rose tarts


For these stunning little bites we used puff pastry, cream cheese with vanilla sugar and cinamon and an apple. Easy to make and tasty to eat.

As it is from Spade to plate, we started the making of seed strips. Here we are sowing carrot and welsh onion strips and broccoli and beetroot.


drying the paper with the seeds before rolling them up.

We then made some orange and carrot soup. Using the orange peel to put in vinegar for use as general cleaning spray (ready in about a month's time) and the whole orange is pureed together with the onion, potato and carrots into a vegetable stock. The soup was delicious and all the plates were empty, even from the youngest member of the group.

We had  a lovely morning and lunch and to top it all, Wen brought some rice balls (with poppy seeds filling) as tomorrow is the Chinese lantern festival when this is a traditional food enjoyed by millions of Chinese families. Thank you Wen it was a treat!

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