Wednesday 13 February 2019

Warm Brussels sprout salad and Pea and Turmeric Soup

Last week Carmen brought me a lovely looking recipe from her Sainsbury's magazine. Pea and Turmeric soup as we had been talking around our kitchen table how some of us are starting to have arthritic pains. This soup has strong anti inflammatory properties so we gave it a go and with the presence of Peas in it, we had some high vitamin C intake, as many of our dear friends could not make it due to coughs and colds and a bug is going round.

Cortney and Wen dressing the soup
Meghan chopping walnuts
Ta da, a rich warming pea soup

For our main meal we made another suggestion made by a member of the group. This Warm Brussels Sprout salad came from a Waitrose magazine. It was tasty but had many more ingredients than our normal recipes. We had another Brussels Sprouts recipe last week and I think I prefer that one for ease and taste, having said that, the addition of lentils and feta cheese, made this salad almost a main  meal.

We managed to also plant our pea sprouts. Later we commented on how the end result demonstrated so beautifully our characters.... Try and spot mine!


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