Wednesday 16 January 2019

Mushrooms and bread

Today we made a variety of bread.
First a very quick and easy beer bread  using the yeast in the beer instead of the dried yeast we used in the Brioche recipe.

Bailey deomonstrating kneading dough in a bag
 This recipe is vegan by using chickpea water (Aquafaba)  and extremely fluffy and tasty. To make sure our hands were not covered in sticky dough we used the bread in a bag technique.

The Seeded crackers went down very well too, we had them with a slice of Extra mature cheddar cheese and a topping of sweet chilli jam.
all the seeds in the crackers

Mushroom patê with parsley
The Mushroom patê went down a treat, it went well with both the brioch and the beer bread.
So much so that all recipes were voted for to be included in the next cookbook!

As a soup today we made a cream of mushroom soup.

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