Monday 7 January 2019

First From Spade to Plate session of 2019

Today Asako, Sayaka, Simone, Lucy, Julie showed up for the first day in the new year for our from Spade to Plate session.

We started with a Gluten Free  meal.
The Carrot, Ginger and Butterbean soup was delicious with the Brasilian Cheese balls.

We prepared the butternut squash, red onions for a short roasting session finished off with roasted kale and quinoa and halloumi. A warm and tasty salad. Insead of Frekeeh we used Quinoa.

What a great and colourful start.


We did a little for the reduce, reuse and recycle  campaign.
I reused my cashmere holely jumper, using one part of the arm as a can cover.
The Lemon shell after juicing has gone into the freezer so we can use it the future for lemon zest and after that it will be composted.
We saved the seeds of the Butternut Squash, dried them out to be sown in May


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