Tuesday 13 November 2018

Testing out recipes Leek, Mushroom and spinach galette, apple crumblies, tomato and lentil soup

This weeks Monday was a busy one, as we planned a three course meal, testing them to go into the cookery book
All recipes were chosen by previous members of from Spade to Plate, so it was nice to try them out again.

Lu, told me that she tried out last week's Butternut Squash and 5 spice soup for 13 guests and they all loved it. Especially Lu, as it was so easy to do but made a big impression. She was very happy too with the tomato and lentil soup we made, a few more ingredients, but it went down very well.

The Leek, Mushroom and spinach galette  needed the same time in the oven as the apple crumblies, both easy to make and delicious nonetheless.

A shame June could not be there, as she would have loved it. Sayoka came for the first time though and got stuck in straight away.
 Between, Lu, Asako, Yumi, Sayoka, Simone and I we had a successful morning cooking and a lovely chat around the kitchen table, enjoying our meal.

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