Wednesday 14 November 2018

Chickweed is thriving

This amazing weather has caused the Chickweed to grow fast and healthily. Because of this, rather than weeding and putting it on the compost heap we made soup, salad and pakora's with it.

Chickweed or Stellaria grows virtually everywhere in the UK, in gardens, waste lands and aside of the roads. Best not pick the one near the roads as the chance of pollution (dogs,vehicles) is high.
Mine is growing in between my beetroot and lettuces as well near my garage.
The chickweed Soup  is easy to make and this delicate soup is tasty too. A little bit like Spinach soup.
As we are also making a vegetarian Kedgeree,
              I thought Chickweed pakora's would be in keeping.

Not sure if we have enough chickweed but if we do, we may even make a little side salad with beet and chickweed.

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