Wednesday 11 April 2018

spring salad with flowers

Making the first spring salad with  Goosegrass, White and purple nettle flowers, Speedwell, Lambs lettuce.  Daisies,  Dandelion well as a calendula flower and some rosemary flowers.
We also added some garlic chives and normal chives.

Our dressing was made with olive oil,  blackberry balsamic vinegar, some honey and mustard.
We sprinkled some walnuts pieces and chopped blue cheese. delicous.

Surprise, surprise, NO rain we even went out to transplant the lettuce seedlings that we sowed a few weeks ago.

After that we went inside and transplanted the tomato seedlings. The seeds we planted a month or so ago after harvesting preparing the tomatoes for the lunch. No idea what tomatoes they were other than the fact they were very tasty. May they be tasty for us again later in the summer.

For lunch we had the broccoli kedgeree again. Delicious!

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