Sunday 28 August 2016

The 2016 apple season has started

After a lovely open gardens walk in Garden Walk, I spotted a most beautiful apple tree in Paul and Yusuf's garden. They told me that the apples are very early (ready on the 1st August) and that they don't keep at all and taste rather 'cotton wool' like (don't know how that tastes but does't sound nice)

I asked them if I could try and press them, so a week later, armed with my apple picker and some bags I went to pick this abundance of lovely red apples.  Before starting Yusuf had baked a most delicious Hungarian cake to go with the coffee. After a lovely chat, I set to work and came back home with a large crate of sweet red apples.

The first pressing of the season was preformed in our new garden in the sunshine which resulted in some bottles for Paul and Yusuf as well as for Darren and Sarah as Maddy came to help out and learn how turn apples into juice.

Contrary to the description the boys gave me, the juice was sweet and fresh and gratefully received.

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