Monday 29 August 2016

Cooking apples in Stretten Avenue are ready

For the moment I arrived in Cambridge, I have been able to pick the apples in this garden. When I first saw the tree, it was over hanging the road so a mess on the pavement and road as well as in the next door's garden. This house is rented out so when the apples are ready there are no students present. The owner of the tree was an old lady who had just gone into a nursing home. Her children were happy for me to harvest. I remember baking a pie for her which her son took to his mother.

He also showed me that they had an apple tree and damson tree in the back garden.

Then last year, the house was rented out and I managed to pick the apples again.

Now a family has bought the property and they too were happy for me to harvest.
These apples are cookers, no signs of grubs very good quality

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